I’m hearing a lot of talk around me lately about hope, faith, trust, and believing in miracles.  Holding out hope, holding on to faith, holding fast to trust, hanging on to the belief that miracles can happen.

Hope & Faith
Hope & Faith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a lot of us in this world needing that.  I’ve already discussed this before in the last few days, but just in my own circle of friends it seems there are more and more of us who have something going on in our lives which could cause us to stumble and fall; something that could cause us to lose hope, faith, trust, or to stop believing in such things as miracles.

Two friends battling cancer, people aside from myself wondering what’s in store for their futures because of a lack of a paying job, more illness, more financial struggles.  The list of things affecting people around me is getting longer all the time.

Editions l'Archipel
Editions l’Archipel (Photo credit: dpcom.fr)

But then, like today in a church sermon, we are told about people like Louis Zamperini, a former American Olympian, World War II prisoner of war survivor, and inspirational speaker.  We are told about the things that he endured in his life, and how his life changed for the better.

Zamperini endured some of the most brutal conditions a human being could ever be faced with in the time that he was a prisoner of war.  He had to battle through the after-effects when it was all over.  But there’s one key word here:  he endured.  His life changed dramatically.

That’s the kind of hope we have to hold on to, no matter what we face.  We can’t just give up.

No matter what we face in this life, we must have the courage and the faith to endure.  And if we find ourselves lacking the strength to do that, there is a way to turn that around as well.


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