I worked on “selling myself” today.  Before the day is done, I will have spent time doing a bit of research on getting a money-making plan of my own going, one that utilizes my talents and passions and tries to help others become better known themselves by highlighting their own talents and passions.

I also went through the usual job-searching process, including hitting the streets with resume in hand to go after a technical writer’s job with a smile, an introduction, and a firm handshake to follow up on an online application.  Yes, I worked on “selling myself” with the goal of going for a job that might pay two-thirds of what I was making before.

But a job is a job, and I’m looking at ALL options.  I’m looking for whatever I feel that I can do.  I want to work.  I want to pull my own weight, do my share.  Even if it means starting something from scratch myself while hoping I can keep a roof over our heads in the process.

U.S. House candidate Mia Love, R-Utah, speaks Tuesday at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

I also started watching and listening to Utah’s own Mia Love giving a speech during the Republican National Convention in Tampa as she runs for the U.S. House of Representatives, trying to become the first black Republican woman ever to win a seat in the House.

Love certainly said things I can agree with.  I’m all for people trying to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.  It’s the fact that there was no mention about how the cards are stacked against so many people wanting to do that and the GOP rhetoric and talking points she seemed so comfortable repeating that made me want to change the channel about 10 minutes into it.

How many people out there remember the American Jobs Act?  I remember when that was proposed in a speech by President Obama before a joint session of Congress on September 8 of last year.  I watched that speech.  A fair amount of what was being proposed had been proposed before by Republicans themselves.

It contained bills that would have focused on much-needed infrastructure work — roads, bridges, and buildings.  It would have put Americans back to work who want to work.  It would have boosted the economy, because until the jobless situation is reversed the economy will continue to sag.  It comes down to common sense.

That’s the problem.  The words “common sense” and “Congress” have become mutually exclusive.  Even though Republicans came up with part of what’s in the American Jobs Act, they’ve also led the charge to stall any progress on it ever since.

Hence my question from before:  How many people out there remember the American Jobs Act?  As a follow-up question, how many times have we heard Republicans say Obama has no plan on how to create jobs?

Why would they say such a thing when it’s not true?  There’s a simple answer to that, from the mouths of Republicans themselves.

Baloney.  It’s tough to run on a record of massive creation of jobs when more efforts are made by the opposition party to hold them back.  After all, the Republicans have admitted that their goal has been to defeat Obama in 2012.  More jobs would mean an improved economy, which would mean an Obama win in 2012.  They can’t have that.

That’s politics.  That’s the tightrope we’re walking these days.

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2 thoughts on “Counting down to Labor Day: Six days to go

  1. Well written John. As always I am glued to CNN watching this convention. The bouts of anger I have had to deal with while listening have made me wish I could vote in your election and perhaps taught me some tolerance. From the outside looking into the American political system, I have never witnessed in my lifetime a party (Republicans) so bent and so determined to defeat a Democratic President as they have against Barack Obama. It’s disgusting really. The right is so bent on defeating this man and his views that they don’t care who gets trampled in the process and unfortunately the only ones getting trampled are the 99%. The Middle Class. I truly hope Mr. Obama gets a second mandate, because if he does I truly think it will get better as he would have won a victory and hopefully silenced those trying to run him out of your country. I was a big fan of Bill Clinton. His policies and apprach created a fairly equal playing field that allowed for the middle class to become stronger. The following Bush years is where the power started to slant again. …. As I type this I am listening to Ann Romney (as I am sure you are as well). With all do respect, The Romney’s bleed ‘out of touch’. I may have to change the channel…. I wish you luck in your endeavours to get over this trial you are currently experiencing. Thoughts are with you and yours!

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