I’d like to hear some good violin playing today for a jazz-fusion playlist, but I’m torn between a couple of players.  I want to “go deep,” do something a bit unique with Jerry Goodman and Steve Kindler.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra 0606730006_bearbeitet-1
Jerry Goodman with The Mahavishnu Orchestra (Photo credit: Heinrich Klaffs)

Goodman and Kindler do have connections:  Jan Hammer and the Mahavishnu Orchestra.  While Goodman was trading licks with Mahavishnu Orchestra guitarist John McLaughlin, Hammer was getting in some devastating licks on keyboards.  When that formation of the group went its separate ways, Hammer worked on solo music with Goodman.  Kindler ended up spending some time with the Mahavishnu Orchestra himself.

When Hammer went off to form his own group and he needed a violin player, Kindler got the call.

Steve Kindler (Photo credit: mysonicisland.com)

It’s no wonder the two of them were in such identical demand between Mahavishnu and Hammer.  The violin was an important part of the Mahavishnu Orchestra’s sound, and the style that Goodman and Kindler brought to the studio and the stage was, wonderfully, very much alike.

Goodman’s done pretty well for himself, both on his own and during his time with another powerhouse fusion band where the violin was also a key ingredient:  the Dixie Dregs.

As for Kindler, making music with Jan Hammer produced some sweet sounds and it got some gigs with guitar great Jeff Beck, but there’s still been much left to do with the likes of Shadwofax and Kitaro and other areas.

Maybe once you listen to Goodman and Kindler, side by side, you’ll see why it’s so hard to choose between the two.


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