Not all of the good progressive rock came out in the “golden age” of the genre, back in the late 1960s and into the ’70s.  No, there’ve been some very good bands coming along since then.

In progressive rock, at times it seems as though the good stuff has come from a melting pot, a “mash-up,” a potpourri — a “supergroup” of members from other well-known bands who join forces for a bit just as an “experiment” at times.

English: Liquid Tension Experiment onstage at ...
English: Liquid Tension Experiment onstage at Nearfest 2008. Bethlehem, PA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m talking about supergroups like O.S.I., Transatlantic, and UK.  There’s also been Liquid Tension Experiment.  Out of the four supergroups I’ve named already, drummer Mike Portnoy has been involved in three of them with UK being the only exception.

Portnoy’s a busy boy.

Portnoy may have been coming from the progressive metal group Dream Theater, and keyboard player Jordan Rudess may have ended up in Dream Theater as well, but try not to think of LTE too much like “DT II.”  Portnoy apparently went through some efforts to bring in another guitarist before getting Dream Theater axeman John Petrucci involved, because the logistics of bringing in anyone else to avoid that “DT II” stigma just wasn’t happening.

But that’s okay.  There are no vocals in LTE to make the comparison stick either.  It’s just instrumental gymnastics.

It’s especially okay when bass/Chapman stick master Tony Levin is part of the “experiment.”  And when either Petrucci hasn’t been able to make it to the studio himself because his wife’s gone into premature labor or Rudess’ keyboard starts messing up in the middle of a show and he has to back away, hey, no problem there either.  Just let ’em start jamming and put it under the name Liquid Trio Experiment.

Just like liquid, LTE is … “fluid.”  Yeah, I know, that was bad.


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