Thursday night at the Republican National Convention — presidential nominee Mitt Romney enters to give his acceptance speech in a heavily dramatized and choreographed process, complete with a bit of red carpet treatment.

Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

To tell the truth, I’m not all that interested in what Mr. Romney has to say, although I’ll pay attention with one side of my brain while putting down some thoughts with the other.  I think I’ve pretty much heard the meat of everything there is to hear at the convention without even listening to Mitt.  I already know Mitt.  Remember, I live in Utah, where he’s a hero to most because of his Mormon roots and his 2002 Winter Olympic guidance.  All the warm and fuzzy stories about Mitt have already been told here, many times over.

English: Clint Eastwood at the 2008 Cannes Fil...
English: Clint Eastwood at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, during the press conference for Changeling (at that time untitled The Exchange). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to the last night of the convention, with all its dramatics and the red carpet treatment and choreography, I’m left with one main thought in mind:  Clint Eastwood, what the hell was that?  Rambling, and just plain … strange.  From one of my longtime heroes, no less.  Sad.

So I’ll go with a focus on the job front, seeing as how I’m not hearing much in the way of answers as to how the Romney-Ryan ticket would create 12 million jobs over the next four years, as Paul Ryan promised in his factually challenged speech from the night before.  But remember, the Romney campaign’s own pollster already said they’re not running based on fact-checkers.  Romney gave what he called a five-step plan, with no mention of things like working on infrastructure that just might go a longer way toward creating 12 million jobs than pushing energy-related jobs in coal and oil, and giving parents choices in what schools they send their children to.

So, frustrated, I move on to my own personal job front.

I received another interesting email Thursday from the blog network, what’s become a major source to me in my search for a mainframe programming job.  One headline in particular caught my attention:  “Take Advantage of the Mainframe Talent Shortage.”

My thought to that is, “I’ve been making that effort, right there at, without a sniff at an interview yet.  So are all these applications and resumes I’m putting out across the country just going into thin air?”

And then I looked at the comments below the story from other mainframe programmers facing the same battle, and they’re largely wondering the same thing — we have the skills, we have the experience, we’re out here — so where are the phone calls with requests for job interviews?

  • “I challenge the author of this article, to prove that facts presented are ‘true’. I see so many comments that other ‘Mainframe Programmers’ (and myself) have been unemployed for years now. If there are employeers who truly need us ‘old farts’ with ‘mainframe skills’, since we provide an e-mail, then either connect those of us who have skills with the employers who are seeking those of us with the needed skills, or, this article is a bunch of crap. Please help connect the people and the companies who need us together (make this article a ‘truth’), or, please ban the writer(s) of this article for posting ‘false information’. Get the picture???”
  • “I am completely disgusted with the IT market. It is a rip off for American Programmers but a paradise for Indians and others that come here to steal our jobs. The fact of the matter is that we have never been respected anywhere because we are overhead. Disgusting overhead. The unwanted ones and I don’t care what skill set you have. Nobody likes you. Why? Because there is a tremendous lack of competency on Project Management skills nationwide. Project Managers have a tight budget and completion dates and the pass the crap down to the developers and the pressure is immense due to their oversight. Concerning wages, they are used to rip us off, especially recruiters. Here, I hire a plumber or and electrician, carpenter, what have you and they have the nerve to charge $80+ an hour but programmers that have way more education, skills and experience, get $50 or $80k a year approximately. A great rip off. It will be hard for me to go back to the industry. I am pissed off! We mean nothing to an employer but a big overhead sign on our foreheads. We get no respect! If I could do it again, I would have gone to the health care field and stay there. I wasted my professional life in IT. Truly! Never again! I would rather eat beans until I die in order to survive than to submit to inconsiderate project managers and recruiters.”
    • “You are completely correct on this one! At my last job, we were referred to as “resources”, not people or team members. Plenty of reason to feel worthless. They can get a few Indians and Chinese with far less experience to do the same job….yeah, right. It was quite demeaning.

      “I have known several people I worked with that have gotten out of programming entirely. One of them went back to school and became a nurse when he was in his late 40s. A few of them have gone into quality assurance as testers, so no more coding for them. Another is now a teacher. I was just trying to hang in there until I could retire, but the company had different ideas to get rid of the older workers. Nearly all of the people I worked with that were WFR’d were over 50….and had plenty of COBOL experience.”

      • “COBOL Programmer, I completely agree with you. Mainframe programmers now have the stress and hours of doctors, with wages less than blue color wokers, and respect less than sanitation workers. In NY City, where I live, live in nannies make $90,000 and up (with free housing) which is more than most programmers get now. I have been very tempted to apply to one of these jobs.”
      • “I have been out of work for over 2 years. There are no mainframe jobs. I have been in the field for over 20 yrs. I have COBOL and RPG and can not find a job.”

      And those are just the first few comments on the article.  I tell ya, it’s getting ugly out there.  How does that situation fit into the Romney-Ryan plan?  I don’t think I’ll ask Clint Eastwood for his thoughts.  It might take too long, and I’ll still be wondering what the hell he was trying to say.

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