I had something very different in mind for today’s Labor Day countdown post.  I “invited” Chet Chesterfield to do his Clint Eastwood imitations for the BIG TALENT SHOW, but time got away from both of us.

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood (Photo credit: Siebbi)

He was going to tell his fans how he decided to help out America’s unemployment problem by briefly hiring a yard maintenance crew (actually a couple of kids from down the street looking to make a few bucks), only to see what their reactions might be if he were to come out on his front porch, rifle in hand, while growling “Get off my lawn.”

Oh well.

Again, our family is staying put at home for the long holiday weekend.  We can’t afford to make any trips out of town.  Money’s getting tighter all the time.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have anything fun and exciting planned for the weekend.  Our youngest son is returning from Idaho for an extended visit.  And the jazz fans of the family will be taking in the Salt Lake City Jazz Festival on Sunday, capped off by the tightness of the band Tower of Power.

You could say that we’re going to the festival because I’m making a small investment in our future to see if an idea I have for a career venture can take off.  There are no potential employers beating down my door for interviews, no matter how far and wide I look, so I’m going to see if I can create something of my own — the American way.  You’ll see more details on it soon, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, as the long weekend kicks off and we come down from the Clint Eastwood thrill that was the Republican National Convention, I’ll provide a picture that I came across on Facebook as some “food for thought” — going back to a time when tax rates on the upper class were over 90%, jobs were more plentiful, America was investing in its infrastructure, and Clint Eastwood was starting to make a name for himself as a younger man.  Economic life was better.

Again, food for thought.


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