One of the best moves I ever made when it comes to this blog was to start featuring music on a daily basis around the first of this year.  My music playlists have consistently been the highest-viewed thing this blog’s had going ever since.

I can write a thought-out piece with a different point of view on politics or the media or current events, I can write about family, I can put together posts here that are (I hope) humorous, I can do photo blogs with pictures that I’m pretty proud of, and none of them get as many people looking at them and coming back to look at them again and again as I do with my music playlists or concert reviews.

Looking at my different categories and tags for my blog, music-related articles beat every other category and tag combined.  Maybe that’s because my music-related articles combine two of my greatest lifelong passions — writing and music.

So, when I look at anything I could possibly do to try and create something to make money on my own while I continue to look for a “regular job” elsewhere, the thought hit me:  create an entirely separate blog that’s devoted entirely to music, one where I can do more in terms of promoting music and the musicians who create and perform it, with CD and DVD reviews, concert reviews, photos from any shows that I attend, music news and word of any upcoming live shows, etc.

I want to try and help musicians become better known, and through the kind of contacts that I’ve been able to make through social media since the start of the year — thanks to new and old friends in California and the efforts to get Lester Chambers‘ name and music out there in the public eye again (his name still gets out there through this blog to this day in a small way because of people searching for information on the live web concert site and finding a “tutorial” I put together back in March) — there’s a bit of a foundation.

In order to start putting this together, I had to go to a blogging site other than WordPress that accepts ads (any ads that you might ever see here are put up by WordPress solely so it can pay its bills, I don’t get a dime out of them) and in which I could possibly get sponsors, where I could launch with an extremely limited budget.

Last night, I put something together called “The Crossover Music Channel.”  There’s some meaning behind the name, and it’s not just about music that easily crosses styles — like Kenny Rogers making it big on the country and pop charts.  It’s called that because, as you can see in my daily music playlists, my tastes in music are quite broad — country, classic rock, jazz, jazz-fusion, progressive rock, soul/funk/blues, contemporary Christian and classical.

I want to keep talking about it all.  And if I can help musicians and myself to pay some bills along the way, so much the better.

That’s why I’ll be “working” today, attending the Salt Lake City Jazz Festival with about 10 hours’ worth of cool jazz from 1-11 p.m., starting with the music of The Hot Club of Zion all the way through to Tower of Power at the end of the day.  My camera’s ready, the new blog is ready for its first article (no, I won’t stop doing this blog) to be written and published … I am so ready and rarin’ to go.

Someone said to me in the last couple of weeks to “sell myself” when it comes to my job search.  I’ve been doing that in the search for a “regular job,” and now I’m going to do it even more, selling myself and my passions for writing, photography, and music in the process.

I need to get ready to go now.  The first show of a long day of music awaits downtown.  I’m excited.

It’s better than doing nothing but sitting around feeling sorry for myself when my search and my efforts to “sell myself” for a “regular job” aren’t quite panning out.

Stay tuned.

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