There’s some tidying up behind the scenes yet to do today with my new blog, “The Crossover Music Channel,” that I hope to eventually turn into a money-making proposition not just for myself but for talented musicians as well.

And, starting tomorrow, I think I’ll start hitting the phone and the streets and go in a different direction in my “regular job” search.  I think I’ll see if I can land a gig as a car salesman.

Meanwhile, I will give you a “sneak preview” of what’s to come soon over at my new music blog, and that’s photos from the Salt Lake City Jazz Festival yesterday among some of the finer architecture the downtown SLC area has to offer.

Aside from a brief rain shower, the weather was great.  If you were sitting in the sun for any length of time during the hottest part of the day, you were sweating.

The music itself … it was cool, as to be expected.  We are, for the most part, talking about jazz here.  It had to be “cool.”  And it was, from beginning to end.

From the Django Reinhardt-inspired sounds of The Hot Club of Zion, to the classic jazz vocal stylings of Kathy Kosins and Deana Martin — daughter of Dean — and the New York piano and vocal flavoring of Salt Lake City native Emilee Floor, to the jazz-fusion group The Drones laying down some smooth sounds (including a nice Steely Dan medley), and the piano playing and band leadership of Vincent Falcone — and don’t forget the work of the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra which played pretty much all afternoon and into the evening with Deana Martin and was top-notch all the way through, to the hotness of the University of Utah faculty group Redtet, the keyboard work of Dave Hall and his trio, it was all a perfect setup to have the funk/soul group Tower of Power bring down the house late into the evening with playing so tight it almost defies description.

The crowd grew throughout the 10-hour day to the point that the Gallivan Center was full of jazz fans ready, willing, and totally able to have a blast.

What a cool way to spend a Labor Day weekend.

(All photos below by John G. Miller)

The Hot Club of Zion
Kathy Kosins with the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra
Vincent Falcone
Greg Floor played some sparkling sax solos throughout the day with the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra
Emilee Floor
Redtet, consisting of faculty members from the University of Utah
The audience built up to a full house at the Gallivan Center as the day went on
Clouds did roll in briefly and brought some drops of rain before moving on
The Walker Center building, one of the better-known buildings in downtown Salt Lake City
Dave Hall
Famed trumpeter Chuck Findley played with the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra
Jerry Floor, festival director, plays the clarinet with the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra
Tower of Power trumpeter Sal Cracchiolo played a solo during the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra’s set
Mike Malloy on guitar and Herschel Bullen on saxophone with The Drones
Kelly Brown on keys and Carlos Arroyo on percussion with The Drones
Deana Martin
Jay Lawrence on drums was a workhorse throughout the day
Tower of Power lead vocalist Larry Braggs is a powerhouse singer
Tom Politzer and Emilio Castillo from Tower of Power, with Dave Garibaldi on drums and Rocco Prestia on bass in the background
Larry Braggs, Sal Cracchiolo, and Stephen “Doc” Kupka
Salt Lake City area resident Jerry Cortez didn’t have to travel far to play guitar with Tower of Power
Longtime Tower of Power bandleader Emilio Castillo stepped up on occasion to help “funkify” the audience
Tom Politzer
“Doc” Kupka



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