There’s progressive rock.  And there’s that brand of progressive rock known as “kraut rock.”

Kraftwerk (Photo credit: McNail)

Let me just say this little bit before I get into some of the music of Kraftwerk:  Years ago, when I worked as a teenager as an afternoon drive time disc jockey at an AM country music station in southeast Idaho, I’d sign off the AM side which would leave an open studio with some nice speakers.  After listening to country music for a few hours, I’d need a bit of a “change of pace”  before getting down to my other duties there as a sports director.

To help change that pace, I’d go over to the FM Top 40 pop/rock side and dig out a Kraftwerk LP that I found tucked away deep in that studio’s collection, go back over to the AM studio, and play myself some Kraftwerk.

It did the trick.  Consider that pace changed, and then some.


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