Barack Obama
Barack Obama (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

President Obama has concluded his typically inspirational speech at the Democratic National Convention — though perhaps not as fiery as former President Bill Clinton’s presentation of the facts on where this nation stands from the night before — and we now come to the end of the two major parties’ conventions.

What’s left now is about 60 days of intense campaigning and debates.  The choices are as clear as they could be.  The last big push in this overly long marathon is now under way.

So, where do we go from here?  Do we do what’s best for America as a whole and put aside partisan politics?  Or do we continue treading water, slowly sinking?

We need to keep in mind what this nation was built upon.  We need to follow the example of someone who suddenly had their life change in a life-threatening fashion in the blink of an eye, putting that right hand over the heart, and reciting with a smile the words that should make us all proud regardless of party.  For the good of the people … all people.

Kind of like this.


2 thoughts on “Now that the conventions are over, where do we go from here?

  1. We will be watching closely… You and your fellow Americans have a huge decision before you. Our political structure here in Canada is much different from yours..more like the Brits really. We can have a minority government where the parties have to work together to maintain power or a majority government whereby the winning party rules the nest to do as they see fit. Currently in Ontario, we have a minority government. Yesterday one of the ridings held a by-election. If the reigning Liberals (who are not Liberal in anyway) won they would have a majority by one seat. However, they lost and the New Democrats (the party of the middle class) took a seat they have never held before. My point, I think the working class may just be waking up a bit and realizing that the ‘double down on trickle down” only benefits a few… My fingers are crossed that Mr. Obama will prevail. I know its slow and its been rough for many Americans but I believe his plan will work. Good Luck and I hope as many as possible utilize the greatest gift freedom has given us.. the right to have a say! Your results will affect the political direction of many western countries including Canada!

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