A couple of things happened today worth mentioning.

First, after less than a full week of my other blog — a pure “niche blog” about music called The Crossover Music Channel that can be found in my blogroll off to the right — being launched and after having to play a bit with some computer code last week in order to make ads appear, I am now a blogger who is getting advertising with money that would partially go to me.

These are not necessarily ho-hum ads either.  And there are targeted ads, of interest to anyone in the music business or just to music fans.  It’s a pretty cool thing to see, it’s starting to take the kind of shape that I’d imagined when I started working on it.  I’m excited about that.

I discovered that this blog’s “sister blog” had ads on it as I was previewing an article I was writing today, just before heading out the door to talk to the general sales manager at a local car dealership — new and used cars — about a sales job.

Car dealership in Rockville, Maryland (Courtes...
Car dealership in Rockville, Maryland (Courtesy Jeep, now Darcars Chrysler/Jeep) located at: 755 Rockville Pike. Rockville, Maryland 20852. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If this was a “job interview,” it was just about the easiest job interview I’ve ever been through.

“You just need to be able to talk to people, complete strangers.  That’s pretty much it.”

And I do believe I convinced the sales manager that I could talk to complete strangers, and do so comfortably.  I’ve done that a bit in my lifetime.

Maybe the fact that I was proactive and followed up on my online application with a phone call helped out a bit too.  It’s called “selling yourself.”

Next thing I knew, I was being instructed on where to go to get some drug screening work done and told that there would be a background check done.  I don’t anticipate any problems there.

It looks like I’m in.  It looks like I’ll have another way to earn some money, and to do it partially through my ability to communicate and partially through an appreciation for motor vehicles.  I plan on making that a successful combination.

I plan on being “hungry” and staying “hungry,” as long as it takes.

I’ll know more about this next move in my work life on Wednesday when I call the sales manager back for further details.

What kind of car am I mainly going to be trying to sell (aside from any mixed and used makes and models on the lot)?  Without giving an exact name, I will share this:  its symbol represents a guardian angel.

Why do I get the feeling like this is part of some “mysterious plan?”

So, there they are, a couple of different opened doors.  I’m stepping through, and I’ll be going one step at a time.

All I have to do is communicate.


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