By Amy Kathleen Miller

This week, after over 10 months without a paying job, John has been hired to sell cars at a local car dealership.  He will probably do a great job.  He starts with paid training on Monday morning.

Car dealership in Rockville, Maryland (Courtes...
Car dealership in Rockville, Maryland (Courtesy Jeep, now Darcars Chrysler/Jeep) located at: 755 Rockville Pike. Rockville, Maryland 20852. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But in all honesty, it saddens me that there are many other unemployed people out there who need a job and are excellent in their work.  However, for John there appear to be lots of openings in COBOL, his computer language, with lots of resumes sent but no bites.  In John’s line of work, he is very much a desired employee, very well liked and a hard worker.  In his last job he got a couple rewards for a job well done.  But now that he’s been unemployed for a while, no one even blinks an eye at his excellent experience on his resume.  So he has to turn to selling cars, a fairly easy job to get.

What has happened to our proud nation?  It doesn’t make me proud to think that we are not putting people back to work because of them being unemployed for a while.  It makes me furious with the leaders of our country.  It makes me furious with the Republicans more because they are deliberately sitting on good jobs bills to cause President Obama to look bad for our economy, and then having the audacity to lie to the people saying that it is all Obama’s fault.  Not true.  I could go into the whys but I choose not to at this point.

Meanwhile, John is going to sell automobiles, a job that anyone can do as long as they’re comfortable talking with people.  I hope we can make enough money to support our family and pay down our debt.  More power to John, I believe he can do it, he is so good when it comes to people skills. It takes faith, John says … faith.   But if it were my choice, I would rather him do a job that he went to school to prepare for and was trained to do.  Meanwhile, he does have a new music blog and it does have ads on it.  If you like music, you will like this blog.  He is interested in all types of music, and that is a plus for him.  So if you ever get a chance and want to take a look at his brand spankin’ new music blog, please feel free to do so.  John gets paid for each click on the ads.  I am hoping that in time he will make enough money from his blogging that he could listen to music, interview musicians, go to concerts, and then present it in his blog.

However, I am also working hard to get new music students and to teach my horse new tricks all the time, maybe even getting my horse to play piano.  Hey, why not, I am a music teacher — who says I can’t teach a horse to play piano?  I even have the tune in my mind, it wouldn’t be that tough of a piece.  When that happens, you will be the first to know.

Meanwhile, we are working on getting ourselves on track here by John getting a job and I am trying to get more students to teach music to, for new musicians for John to put in his blog in the future.  What a way to go, huh?  I would be supplying musical people for John to interview.  Not bad at all, and maybe perhaps a horse musician.  I wonder what my horse would say.  “What a whinny of a deal that would be.”  What do you think?

Editor’s Note:  “Amy’s Angle” is a weekly Wednesday feature in this blog.

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4 thoughts on “AMY’S ANGLE: Some relief at having a job, but still …

  1. I took a $30,000 a year cut in pay, making less than half wages I was used to, but I am working for a better company, less stress. I still miss working in the affordable housing industry though. We nee to bring our jobs home! Glad you got some work, John.

    1. Thanks Eve. Yeah, we do need to bring our jobs home. It’s been amazing how many jobs I’ve seen out there and applied for across the country that fit my tech skills, and no one calls on the ones I’m applying for. I’m not the only one seeing it. It just gives me the feeling that if there really are these jobs out there, they’re not staying in the U.S. Sickening.

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