My music playlist for today (September 12, 2012 edition)

The Moody Blues put out more than one great progressive rock song.  But there’s one song The Moody Blues did that will live on in anyone’s memory if they ever heard it and took the time to appreciate it.

Nights in White Satin

Nights in White Satin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That one song would be “Nights In White Satin.”

That is one progressive rock song that I do remember hearing on the radio many times from my childhood days in the isolation of central Idaho.  Maybe that particular radio station played it so often because it sounded so much like the “easy listening” music they’d play so much during the day — like Henry Mancini and the Ray Conniff orchestra and singers.

That’s not what “Nights In White Satin” was about.  It was haunting.  It was classical.  It was lovely.  It was moody.  It was blue.

It was The Moody Blues.

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