To tell you the truth, I may need to cut back a bit here on the music playlists one way or another.  The truth is, it seems like time is getting more scarce for me to do it here on a daily basis.  Not that I’d stop doing them entirely, because these playlists are still the most popular thing going here overall and I love posting some of the more rare music  videos that I find here.

Playlists Redux
Playlists Redux (Photo credit: ldandersen)

Part of that “time issue” has to do with the fact that I’m also working on that other daily music blog that I started just over a week ago at The Crossover Music Channel and that’s beginning to get some decent traction, plus I’ll be starting a new full-time job trying to sell cars this Monday so I think some time adjustments are going to be unavoidable.

I’ve had people comment a couple of times about how I put up so many videos in my playlists that they don’t have time to go through all the songs.  Just look at it this way:  y’all can keep coming back here whenever you like, find the music you didn’t get to before, and listen to it at your leisure.

Don’t be too surprised to see the playlists continue here, they just might not show up every day.  There may be days here where I post about things other than music to keep my year-long daily posting goal going through November 10 at least, but then there will probably be days when a music playlist will be the topic of the day for me.

Thank you all for your response to my music playlists so far since I started them early this year!  Feel free to check out what I’m doing at my other blog, and feel free to click on the ads over there (they’re mostly targeted perfectly for music fans and musicians alike, which is a pretty cool thing) because that’s part of how I get paid over at my new blogging venture.

To play out the truly daily music playlists for now, I’m in the mood for some kickin’ blues and boogie music to start this weekend.  And I’m in the mood to try and find some of the newer, younger blues and boogie “monsters.”

Are ya with me?


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