I’m starting a whole new career tomorrow, working at being a “car sales professional.”  I want to be the best I can be, and I know I can do it if I have the right attitude.  At the same time, I’m feeling pretty stressed out already.  My stomach has been doing flip-flops for a few hours now.  My tension’s at a high level.

English: Martin Taylor jazz guitarist Mike Van...
English: Martin Taylor jazz guitarist Mike Vanden Martin Taylor ‘Artistry’ guitar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just polished off a cup of chamomile with lavender tea that’s supposed to help ease the stress, but I think I could use another “remedy.”  I did a web search on “soothing jazz,” and came up with British guitarist Martin Taylor.

Not a bad remedy.  It’s like going to a musical pharmacy and coming back with a mixture of Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and Kenny Burrell to go along with Django and the piano stylings of Art Tatum.

If Martin Taylor is good enough to have played with hot jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli — essentially following in the footsteps of Django Reinhardt — he’s got something quite impressive in his resume to brag about.

I need that “soothing touch,” and I’m putting my money on Martin Taylor to provide it.


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