BREAKING NEWS:  I just received a comment tonight on my “About” page here at “A View From The Middle (Class)” from a representative at The Huffington Post, as follows …

HuffPost Live. Needs more work me thinks. #huf...
HuffPost Live. (Photo credit: davidrdesign)

“Hi, I recently stumbled across and loved your perspective! HuffPost Live is hosting a segment about defining the middle class and we’d love to potentially have you as a guest via webcam. Our segment streams tomorrow (9/28/2012) at 2:30pm EST. Would you be interested in participating? If so, please email me … Thanks!”

You bet I emailed Felicia right away!  I doubt that I can swing participation via webcam during my new work hours, but perhaps doing it over the phone during a lunch break might be possible?
As always, stay tuned!  And if you can tune in to HuffPost Live at 2:30 ET, by all means, do so!


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