I worked an 11 1/2-hour day today, the first time in about 23 years that I’ve spent my Sabbath day working like this, for an entire day.  Any other times that I’ve worked on my Sabbath have been very few.

In fact, I ran into an old boss of mine at the car dealership where I’m at now, a boss from those days several years ago when — as a computer programmer handling on-call duties maybe once every several weeks — I might have spent a few hours on an occasional Sabbath handling problems at work.  But I can’t recall missing a church service like this because of needing to go in to work in 23 years.

Sabbath Elevator
Sabbath Elevator (Photo credit: Chris Devers)

Modern times seem to be forcing us into this.  We do what we have to do.

For the first time in my new job, I was unleashed on customers to actually try and sell a vehicle.  And I did sell my first one today, a brand new 2013 model.  That was encouraging.  I met some nice people during the day.  I enjoyed just talking with them in an honest way.  And seeing the joy on the face of the customer who came away with a gorgeous new vehicle that met her needs and her tastes felt good.

But I did miss my Sabbath day, and spending it with the family.  We do what we have to do, in these modern times.  Now that I’m back home and the day is done, I’m tired and I’m in the mood for some relaxing Sabbath-type music, something in a classical vein.

I need this.


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