To be honest, I’m so tired from one very long and busy day working yesterday — trying to make my way in this world and help my family survive — that I just feel the need to “reblog” something that catches my eye. And I just can’t resist putting a spotlight on the continuing saga that has become Mitt Romney’s “47%” comment that was revealed a while back.

Now, Paul Ryan blames the media for shining a light on something that really needs to be said when a candidate like Romney says something so stupid and reveals him to be so out of touch with so many everyday Americans that it boggles the mind. Ryan’s excuse of “media bias” is old and tired. That fits just how I’m feeling right now. A person doesn’t get that feeling by just sitting back and waiting for the government to give them a handout if they claim to be a supporter of Barack Obama. Maybe someday Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will see the light themselves. I’m not holding my breath on that, though.

CNN Political Ticker

(CNN) – GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan acknowledged the Republican campaign’s “missteps” on Sunday, calling Mitt Romney’s now-notorious “47%” comments “inarticulate,” while still defending the crux of his running mate’s argument.

Ryan also took the media to task for what he called bias against conservatives.

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