Due to the lateness of the day and the need to get to bed soon, I’m choosing to do a bit of reblogging again today in order to keep my string of consecutive days with a new post going toward just over a month to my goal of a full year as of November 10. I’m choosing to reblog this article because America just passed a tragic milestone in the war in Afghanistan, with the 2,000th American soldier being killed there. We always need to remember the men and women who’ve given their lives serving our nation, giving the ultimate sacrifice.

Global Public Square

By Ahmad Majidyar, Special to CNN

Ahmad Majidyar is a senior research associate at the American Enterprise Institute. The views expressed are his own.

The U.S. mission in Afghanistan has suffered serious setbacks recently. The Taliban’s audacious September 14 attack on a major coalition base in Helmand Province suggested that the security gains in the south remain fragile and reversible, and that the insurgents are trying to make a comeback as foreign troops are withdrawing. Moreover, the alarming rise in insider attacks forced the U.S. and its allies to restrict joint operations with Afghan troops. These developments should alarm Washington as they undermine the security transition to the Afghan lead and the U.S. exit strategy. But on really placating war weary voters, both presidential candidates remain silent on America’s longest war. Mitt Romney made no mention of Afghanistan in his nomination speech, while President Obama only talks about his…

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