Some days are just crazier than others.  It’s those kinds of days when you just want to run off into the country — preferably with someone you love — and just go running as fast as you can through nature’s beauty.

You want to go racing in a … a peaceful, serene place, kicking up your heels and going a bit bonkers.  Some days can drive you to that.

You just want to enjoy life without a care in the world.  And then, when you’re tired of running and racing around, lie down in a field of tall green grass and look up at the sky, imagining what all the different shapes of the clouds might possibly look like.

Taking a nice nap with a cool breeze blowing over you would be a nice touch.

It’d be even better when it’s done with someone you love.


2 thoughts on “My song for the day (October 2, 2012 edition)

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