By Amy Kathleen Miller

I am excited to introduce you to photos as well as video of my Arabian/quarter horse mare Cheyenne doing some of her tricks, which I’ll continue to show you in the coming weeks.

Amy shows Cheyenne as she bows. (Photo Courtesy Randy Kroll)

Each trick takes time and thought into how to teach it as well, and you have to wonder if the horse likes doing this as well as me.  My goal is to keep teaching Cheyenne new tricks to see how smart horses really can be.

There is a YouTube video talking about Lukas, the world’s smartest horse.  He has already been tested to see if horses can read, recognize letters, numbers, and words.  Lukas can do all that and he can spell out names.  So we already have a beginning view of the intelligence of these animals.  Here is a look at Lukas’ story.

Well, here I am going into two years of having done this with Cheyenne as my first horse to try it on.  She is a willing student and really seems disappointed when I leave after working with her for the day.  But we have both found it to be an enjoyable experience, and a lot of bonding goes into it.  I have learned that the more tricks I teach her the faster she seems to learn.

I have already taught her about 30 different tricks with some merging into one trick.  For example, the word “lift” can be used in many different tricks.  It can be used in the commands “lift” the ball and make a basket, “lift” the paint brush.  Or we could “lift” the bottle and take a drink.  I hope you understand what I mean.  Many of the tricks I teach Cheyenne involve building communication with her.  The trick “lift” went into many different tricks.

However, the first trick I would love to let you see today is the bowing trick.  It is usually used at the beginning of every trick show so I thought it would be great to use it as my opening act for today.  It is not usually the first trick taught, however, because of the complexities involved in it.  The horse should be conditioned to the use of their legs more readily or it becomes difficult to teach.  I have used steps coming up to the bow.

I hope you enjoy the bow.

Editor’s Note:  “Amy’s Angle” is a weekly Wednesday feature in this blog.

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