I was out on a test drive and handling an offer with a customer Wednesday night as the first of this year’s Obama-Romney debates were taking place, so I ended up not being able to see any of it until the post-debate analysis.

7-Eleven: vote early, vote often. No photo ID ...
7-Eleven: vote early, vote often. No photo ID required. (Photo credit: TheDorkReport)

Thanks to the magic of the worldwide web, though, I just finished watching it myself after seeing all kinds of reactions declaring Republican challenger Mitt Romney to be the winner of this first round.

I would generally have to agree that President Obama didn’t seem on top of his game and he let his opponent get away with too much “bulldozing” of the moderator and fabrication of many facts.

It was not one of moderator Jim Lehrer’s shining moments, and I would have loved to hear a snappy comeback from him when Romney talked about cutting funding to PBS where Lehrer makes his living.

To cut through the blather and get to more hard facts than what was being offered during Wednesday’s debate, I turn to FactCheck.org.

Someone’s got to keep these guys in line.

FactCheck.org:  Dubious Denver Debate Declarations

My bottom line on this is … this shouldn’t be the game-changer that some outlets would have us believe.  Obama could have come out with some real zingers, but he pulled some punches which was frustrating.  He would have had to have fallen completely flat on his face to have turned the tide greatly, and he didn’t.  Romney bullied his way through his answers and Lehrer let him get away with it.  That’s Romney’s style, and while some may find that attractive it’s not always effective in the long run.

This is still just the beginning.  It’d be interesting to see what Obama would do if the gloves were taken off by him just a bit more.  He needs to toughen up, and the next moderator needs to get some semblance of control.

For what it’s worth.


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