My mind is on California right now, for reasons I won’t go into in too much detail for the time being.  It’s just interesting how things come together sometimes.

Big Sur, California
Big Sur, California (Photo credit: the_tahoe_guy)

Let’s just say that I’m still looking at ways to make my family’s life better, and if that means taking a shot at a computer programming opportunity in the Golden State that came up in a phone call to me today, well … it’d be foolish not to take a look at it.

Would it mean spending even more time away from my family than I have been in my latest job?  Yes.  But, overall, the opportunity might still be better than what I’ve been doing.

I feel the need to go for it.  I’m looking at California, with an aching in my heart.  Yeah, that’s the way.


2 thoughts on “A song for today (October 5, 2012 edition)

  1. One of my all time favorites. I loved this song as a kid in California, but never really appreciated the beauty of either the song or the area I was fortunate to grow up in until much later in life. Now that I’ve spent nearly 50 years living in the most beautiful, diverse, and enlightened place in the world I feel blessed.

    1. Eric, from the time that I spent visiting the Bay Area late last December, I’d say “enlightened” is a perfect word to use. And the job I’m going after is in Lathrop, not too terribly far from there. I need something good to happen, again, and I need it now. I could use some “enlightenment.”

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