We celebrated at our church with a Communion service today, and the timing was perfect to do it.

I say that because of a blog post that I put up the day after my birthday in February.  It was all about how we Adventists celebrate Communion.  It was about a good friend of ours, Mike Smith — how he taught me to prepare for the service and dispose of the emblems that have been blessed and are left over, disposing of them with reverence and not just pouring them down the drain or tossing them into the garbage.

It asked for prayers for Mike Smith because of health issues he’s faced.  Well, he’s still facing those health issues today.  He’s frail, but he still comes to church when he can, and he does so with a smile on his face.  He still needs prayers.

The article that I wrote on Communion and Mike Smith appears just below.

My music playlist for today (February 18, 2012 edition)

I say that the timing for our Communion service was perfect because Mike Smith’s story is still being viewed around the world in this blog today.  At last count, just today and just before I started writing this article, his story was viewed 14 times.  On Thursday, it was my top-viewed post — being viewed 24 times that day.  That article is the third-highest viewed article in the history of this blog, being read 763 times, behind only a couple of related articles on telemarketers that went somewhat viral involving a political survey and an associated Caribbean cruise offer.

I was hoping Mike’s story would get some worldwide attention, and it did.  People are finding it by doing Google searches involving one word:  Communion.

I think that’s pretty cool.

I hope the prayers for Mike are going out around the world to this day.  He could use them.  And he certainly deserves them.

Now, much like I did with Mike’s story in February, it’s time to share a “new Communion song.”



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