There are just some things in this world that are out of our control.  There’s no getting around that.

I’ve been working a paying job the past few weeks after being out of work for a good 10 months prior to that.  Some people might think that things are looking up for me and my family lately as a result, but let’s just say we still have some major mountains to climb.

You don’t spend 10 months being unemployed and watching every penny yet still end up having all that you’ve worked for — savings, retirement funds, your last paycheck at your last full-time job — get eaten up, down to … literally nothing.  Friends and family can only help so much before they become strapped as well.

What makes it especially nerve-wracking is knowing that the new job you just took and worked at for long hours won’t be helping you financially in the immediate future like you thought it would.

That’s a shock to the system that goes very deep, down to the bone.  So, yeah, we still have a ways to go before things fully start looking up for us.

It’s for that reason I’m looking at other avenues.  Getting set to interview for a computer job in California that just came up is one way.  Offering my services as a public speaker is another way.

If you look at the black banner line running along the top of this page, to the right of the link to my “About” page, you’ll see a link to a new page that I’ve just created today.  I’ve titled it “I’d love to talk ..” which is basically a “services offered” page that will stay there day after day.  I am doing this in all seriousness.  I’d like to go out there and do some public speaking, and fill it with a bit of inspiration and motivation.

This isn’t being done out of desperation.  This is being done out of a certain desire, a certain “passion” for spreading the word about observations and experiences.  And, yeah, it’s being done out of a bit of necessity as well.

It comes out of a goal to take control of my family’s future, doing the kinds of things I love to do, and seeing where it might lead.

No matter what happens — whether it’s landing a new job in California or seeing my desire to go out there as a public speaker come to fruition or continuing to try and make it in auto  sales — I’d like to feel more like I have a say as to what happens with my family’s future.

For too long, that feeling of control has been somewhat elusive.  If you’d like to hear what I have to say in person, you can get more details in the link below.  And thank you to everyone around the world who’s followed me in one way or another for almost the past year at this blog!

NEW PAGE:  I’d love to talk …


4 thoughts on “What do you do when things spin out of control?

  1. I’m sure you could give a kick-ass talk, John, and I hope you get some chances to do so. As always I’m wishing you luck with all the leads and opportunities you’re following, and I hope they’ll pan out for you.

  2. Great post, John. Thanks for the link to my post on 6 ways to bolster your public speaking.
    When you said “I’d like to feel more like I have a say as to what happens ” this really resounds with me. Even though I’ve got a great job etc (a family doctor), I believe there’s so much more to life than being cookie-cut into one shape or size. So, I say “go for it”!

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