My lovely wife Amy is a perfectionist when it comes to her singing.  She will go over notes and lyrics and phrasing again and again so she can get it just right when it comes time to get on stage in front of an audience.

She’s also human.  She’s not perfect, and when she messes up she knows it.  She’s harder on herself than anyone else could ever be when she knows she’s made a mistake.

She’s a lot like me that way.

Amy Miller sings Saturday night with the West Valley Symphony of Utah. (Photo By John G. Miller)

Amy sang again tonight with the West Valley Symphony of Utah, performing the theme song from the James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” made famous by Sheena Easton in 1981.

She’s rehearsed it with the symphony for weeks.  She’s practiced the song at home, memorized all the words, going over them time after time until she’s gotten them down cold.  She’s gone over them in her mind or out loud while running with or walking the dogs, while riding her horse.  She could do it perfectly.

But something happened when it came time to perform it live in front of an audience Saturday night.  She became so concerned over hitting the notes just right, her mind drew a blank a couple of times when it came to singing the right lyrics.

She knew it right away, and I could see it.  She rolled her eyes when she first made a mistake.  She struggled through the words to a verse again after that.  My heart went out to her right away as I was recording her performance.

But Amy’s a pro.  She did exactly what she’d tell a student of hers to do in a situation like that:  don’t stop, keep going, finish strong.

Amy flubbed a couple of lines, she knew it, but she persevered and she finished strong.  I was still proud of her.

I could see the disappointment and frustration in her.  I could tell that she felt like “getting away” when she sat back down after the song to continue playing the violin through the remainder of the program, resting her head against the scroll of the violin, looking like she was fighting off tears.

As I watched her, I felt like going onto the stage, holding her tight, and telling her it would be all right.

Amy fought through adversity.  She gave it her best even after realizing that she’d made a mistake.  She persevered, and finished strong.

I couldn’t be more proud of her for doing that.


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