Thank goodness for good friends.

English: Las Vegas Strip
English: Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The young(er) lady of our house, Alicia, was invited to go on a trip to Las Vegas this weekend with one of her best friends while her friend’s mother attends some meetings.  It’s not often that Alicia’s had a chance to do that, so she jumped at it.

And, hey, why not let her go and have some fun?  She needs those opportunities to go and experience new and exciting places.  It’s better than being stuck at home for more of the “same old same old,” wallowing in the old game of asking ourselves “what’s in our future?”

Oh, how I wish we could give her those opportunities ourselves as a family, though.  I wouldn’t mind traveling down I-15 with the wife and kids myself, and not stop until we hit the lights and glitz and glamour of Vegas, kick up our heels, put the cares of the world behind us, and just relax.  You know, have some actual FUN!

Alicia’s earned this trip.  We had a parent-teacher conference at her school yesterday, and she’s doing just fine in her education.  She needs to be able to do something really fun.

We all do, actually.


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