It’s pretty sad when a comedian like Jon Stewart and his staff at “The Daily Show” digs up more stories that the public needs to be made aware of than, oh, let’s say some members of the larger news media.

Two Iraq War combat veterans explain the difficulty vets have in finding civilian jobs once they return home. (Photo credit: The Daily Show)

I was intrigued by a unique interview that Stewart conducted with two Iraq War veterans on October 24 who provided a grim example of just how hard it can be for American vets who’ve served their nation well while doing very grueling tasks to get a civilian job doing the same things or less once their service is completed.

Here’s a link to that very interview:  The Daily Show — Economic Reintegration for Veterans

I’m seeing a lot of political gamesmanship being played in the days leading up to next week’s election that revolves around what the White House knew or didn’t know, or what it did or didn’t do, involving the attack on the Libyan consulate in Benghazi in September that claimed four American lives.  I’m even seeing claims put out in public suggesting that the people in charge at the White House were watching those American lives being taken as it was happening from the comfort of the Situation Room.

It’s funny how the story behind an incident like Benghazi can get so convoluted before all the facts are even known, mainly as a result of political agendas.

This is not to downplay the lives that were lost in Benghazi.  What Stewart’s interview with the Iraq War vets last week highlights is how much surviving vets’ service gets downplayed back at home when it comes time for them to get a job, and how much more could be and is not being done to help them … all in the name of political gamesmanship … as is highlighted in this link:  The Daily Show — World of Warshaft.

Which is the greater long-term shame?  The White House’s response or supposed lack thereof to the attack in Benghazi, or how veterans are treated once they’re back home and they’re looking for jobs that they’re fully qualified for?

Feel free to answer that now.


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