President.  Barack.  Obama.  Four more years.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

Citizens United has effectively been defeated, and it was defeated tonight not by corporations and their billions of dollars in campaign funding, but by citizens united in actually moving the United States of America on a path to keep working to pull out of a Depression-like era.

To think of all the money that was spent in a losing effort, and where that money could have gone otherwise:  education programs … jobs … little things like that.

It goes beyond Barack Obama being re-elected.  Tea Party darlings like Joe Walsh in Illinois and Scott Brown in Massachusetts, just to name two, were tossed out.  The Tea Party was supposed to be the saving grace of the nation two years ago.  Now, its representation after that “grand experiment” is being dismantled.  Why?  Because nothing changed where it mattered the most, in the House with people like Walsh and in the Senate with people like Brown.

It goes beyond Barack Obama.

The House is still controlled by the Republican Party, and that’s where bipartisan jobs legislation that could go a long way toward getting the economy humming again has been stalled because of GOP obstructionism.

It goes beyond Barack Obama.

If Republicans in the House are smart, they will take the results of this election and do some self-examination, and most Republicans at all levels of leadership would be wise to do the same.  That was also shown in the election results that saw more fringe-like candidates (like Todd Akin, and Joe Walsh for that matter) going down in flames.

It goes beyond Barack Obama.

If Republicans in the House are smart, they will take the results of this election and do some self-examination in terms of how they treat crucial pieces of legislation they’ve been sitting on, like that BIPARTISAN jobs legislation that’s been out there since September 2011.  They will stop focusing so much time on taking the White House in 2016 and spend more time working on how to get America working and growing again economically, and that won’t happen until legislation like that bipartisan jobs bill gets addressed and passed.

If the Republican obstructionism continues, the Republican Party is threatened with extinction in two years when America votes again on its House representation.  Mark it down.

I may lean more to the liberal Democrat side, but what I see in the long, slow dismantling of the Republican Party by its fringe elements, its national talk radio hosts, its religious influences (yes, separation of church and state), and its “outliers” (think Grover Norquist) is sad to me.  We’re talking about a political party my mother mostly supports (although she can’t stand guys like Glenn Beck) and my grandparents before her supported.

This is the party of Lincoln, lest we forget.

It’s becoming a shadow of its former self.  Republicans need to realize that fact, or they’re looking at a splinter party very soon.

Citizens United didn’t speak loudly enough.  The voices of the “real people” did.  We still have a long way to have it become totally of the people, by the people, and for the people.  There is still much too much money making the decisions on the Democratic AND Republican side, and both parties need to address that or they will both be threatened with extinction.

We as the people of America need to keep the pressure on our elected leaders to get “the money” out of political campaigns, because it is destroying the political fiber of our system of checks and balances.

We need to get down to the business of pulling together regardless of party or religious beliefs and working toward doing what’s right for this nation.

Now, the work REALLY begins.

I so desperately want to see positive change coming out of this election, for the sake of the generations above, at, and beneath my own.  That includes our grandparents, our parents, our children, our grandchildren … ourselves.

This nation deserves better.  I keep hoping.

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