The day after a historic national election is always a fascinating time to check people’s reactions.  I spent some time on Wednesday checking out various news sites, watching social media, and listening to conservative talk radio to gauge reactions to Tuesday’s results.

Here are some random thoughts:

  • Illinois Republican Rep. Joe Walsh

    I talked late Tuesday night about Tea Party favorites being voted out of office, such as Scott Brown in Massachusetts and Joe Walsh in Illinois.  It went deeper than that.  Allen West also fell hard in Florida, and here in Utah Mia Love — trying to become the first black female conservative in the U.S. House, with lots of outside cash being pumped into her campaign that drew national attention — fell short in her bid to unseat the Beehive State’s lone Democrat (Blue Dog at that) in Jim Matheson.  Just another example of tons of big donor money all going for naught.  But all was not lost among the Tea Partiers.  Michele Bachmann lives on in Minnesota, free to continue questioning whether Americans are “real” or not.

  • Apparently, Ann Coulter was talking about moving to some foreign land in South America as a result of President Obama’s re-election.  My source for this information was Laura Ingraham talking about it on her conservative radio show.  It was quite interesting to hear Laura Ingraham try and calm Coulter down, along with many of her listeners.  Coulter would join the ranks of Rush Limbaugh in threatening to move out of the country, and chances are they’d move to a place that has socialized health care.  Last I saw and heard, Rush was still tucked neatly away at his compound in Florida.  All talk, no action — that’s Rush.
  • Fascinating to see the folks on Fox News fighting amongst themselves over whether they called the Obama victory too soon.  Karl Rove’s ego took a brutal beating, especially with all the money his super PAC pumped into the GOP races.
  • Donald Trump continues to be a real piece of work, calling the results a sham and trying to drum up a revolution via Twitter before deleting his most inflammatory posts, but not before his nonsense was spread to the world.
  • Televangelist Pat Robertson’s advice on legalizing marijuana may have taken hold in Colorado and Washington state, both states approving the controversial herb for recreational use.  It’s frightening when Pat Robertson and I agree on political issues, but there’s logic there in the impact such a move would have on drug cartels and the money it would pump into the economy.  If alcohol is legal, why not cannabis?  Let’s just say there will be a lot of interest generated in seeing the impact of Colorado and Washington’s move.
  • There’s talk now of pursuing filibuster reform in the Senate, and it can’t happen soon enough.  If that could happen, maybe some major pieces of legislation could shake loose there.
  • Many people were asking on talk and news radio about what mandate if any came out of Tuesday’s election, and what progress can really be made when it appears that little has really changed on the political scene when the House is still controlled by Republicans and the Senate is still controlled by Democrats.  I still say the mandate coming from the voters is this:  LEARN TO WORK TOGETHER — LEARN THE MEANING OF THE WORD “COMPROMISE” — LEARN HOW TO STOP LOOKING AHEAD TO THE NEXT ELECTION AND GET DOWN TO DOING ACTUAL WORK, FOR THE PEOPLE WHO PUT YOU IN YOUR JOBS.  This is where two words are important:  PAY ATTENTION.  Judging by remarks made by House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday, I don’t think he’s paying attention.  It’s also up to voters to pay attention as well — pay attention to what really happens in Washington, D.C.  Pay attention to whether the process changes, or we continue to see stalling on the nation’s business.  If we continue to see stalling, pay attention to where the stalling is really coming from, and if it continues feel free to speak out.

PAY ATTENTION.  We’ve given our nation’s lawmakers a job to do.  We have a job to do as well.


4 thoughts on “Post-election thoughts: The importance of paying attention

  1. Thumbs up!

    I say if Coulter and Rush want to move, and I don’t care where, let them! Please let them!!! Maybe they’ll take “The Donald” with them. Or as he’s know around my household, The Waaaaah-Nold” As for Filibuster reform, all my sources say it is headed to a filibuster. (couldn’t resist.)

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