Tomorrow is an important day for me personally.  A year ago tomorrow, November 10, I was going on nearly two weeks of working hard to find a paying job as a computer programmer, and that was pretty much a full-time task all by itself between searching and applying online and networking with friends and former co-workers.

But that wasn’t enough.  I had to try something different, something to keep my sanity intact in case the job search turned into a long haul.  On November 10, I launched the blog A View From The Middle (Class) with a goal in mind:  publish at least one article every day for a full year.

Tomorrow, I will reach that goal.  It will be my 645th post in this blog.  Over the span of 366 days, that’s close to two posts a day.  It’s not an easy goal to reach.  On my very first day with the blog last year, as I was just checking out how things worked, I posted three articles plus the blog’s “About” page.

I was already well on my way to reaching my goal.  A day or two into it, I had a follower from Canada, who’s still following the blog and comments occasionally.  The next day, I made a new friend from Norway as a result of the blog.

A year later, my blog has reached out to 127 countries on pretty much every continent throughout the globe.  That has a nice sound to it, especially when I think that an ordinary guy like myself is reaching out to that many people around the world from the comfort of my home in little ol’ Utah.  Why, just today I’ve already had people check out what I’ve had to say or something I’ve reposted in the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, France, Hungary, the Philippines, and India.  Those are a few of the blog’s more regular visiting nations, but it goes beyond that.  Trust me.  It goes from the coldest northern reaches to the center of the globe, with Australia and New Zealand added for good measure down under, on a very regular basis.

That’s cool.  And I’m grateful that my ramblings have had that kind of reach.

I’ll be doing something a bit special to mark this milestone tomorrow, looking back on some of the things I’ve discussed over the past year, trying to take a good look at some of the stories that have helped to keep me going on a daily basis — although there has been a time or two when I’d post an article just a few short minutes before midnight, almost breaking the string.

Thanks for staying “tuned in.”


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