Here are a few words to live by. Good stuff here.

Tara Pook

My mom was going through boxes of old family stuff in the garage when she came across this fine work of art. I drew this when I was about five years old and on the back I wrote:

I had a dream theat I was in the Olympics and I wun ave sgl game and my mom and dad was happy at me and I wis it hapind.

Back then I was certain that I would become an Olympic Gold medalist. I didn’t know how to spell “happened” but I definitely knew how to spell “Olympics.”

After laughing at my awful handwriting and portrayal of my parents, I began to think. Would Tara, age 5, be disappointed in Tara, age 21?  True, kids change their dreams quicker than we change the channels on a boring Saturday night, but I still couldn’t shake the thought. I was only in kindergarten but yet I had bigger dreams than…

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