I’m reblogging some of my own articles this week, going back to around this same time last year when we all paused to give thanks for our many blessings. This one’s about our oldest son, Curtis. Since this article was first published, Curtis has gone on to earn a perfect 4.0 grade point average in honors college at the University of Utah where he’s studying economics. When the second semester is about to begin in early January, he’ll be flying to Washington, D.C. — a longtime dream of his — where he’ll be working as an intern, seeing how our nation’s laws become laws. I’m very proud and thankful that Curtis is living out some dreams of his.

A View From The Middle (Class)

I’m proud and thankful that Curtis Grant Miller is my son.

There aren’t many things that our firstborn son can’t do.  His Grandma Miller could see in him at a young age what would be his greatest characteristic — his intense focus and drive to excel at all things academic.  His grandmother once watched him years ago as a young boy, concentrating so hard on a project he was working on and figuring out just the right way to do things, and she remarked with a broad smile, “That boy is going to be very smart when he grows up.”

Curtis has been all over the charts as he’s grown up when determining what it is he’s wanted to become.  He started out wanting to be a scientist because he was fascinated with dinosaurs.  He went on to a love of trains.  He’s wanted to become a psychologist, he’s dabbled…

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