Continuing on with reblogging articles of thankfulness from a year ago … this will be another holiday spent away from my family and relatives in my hometown. They are greatly missed. But they’re close by in my heart.

A View From The Middle (Class)

Thanksgiving to me is largely about family.  It’s one of those days that, for many of us, holds so many cherished memories.

There’s the smell of a roasting, juicy turkey.  Potatoes boiling on the stove, getting ready to be mashed and slathered with gravy.  Sweet potatoes.  Hot, fresh rolls on the rise in the oven.  The bounce and zest of cranberry sauce.  The taste and beautiful texture of stuffing, laced with celery and onions.  All those sweet pies — pumpkin, cherry, apple, pecan.  A special punch to wash it all down.

Sitting down in front of the television, watching football, and falling asleep whether the game is boring or not.

And you’re sharing it all with so many loved ones around you.  That’s where it really becomes special.

I grew up in a very close-knit family, held together by one of the strongest people I’ve ever known in my life…

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