Jennifer Foster was in the right place at the right time, and she was the right person to capture a photo that is warming the hearts of a lot of people these days.

The photo is of New York City Police Officer Lawrence DePrimo offering a homeless man — sitting on a sidewalk in his bare feet on a cold night — a new pair of warm boots that DePrimo purchased in a nearby store, along with socks and his own gloves, when he saw the man’s condition on November 14 near Times Square.


This isn’t a picture worth a thousand words.  It’s a picture worth at least a million.

As someone who’s seen people myself in conditions not much better than this all too many times, all I can say is that Lawrence DePrimo is my kind of guy.  And Jennifer Foster deserves credit for capturing a priceless moment in time that deserves recognition.

TODAY SHOW:  Cop who bought shoes for homeless man “really didn’t think about the money”


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