I’m a frequent follower of independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.  I get emails from his staff frequently with views or updates on legislation, and Sanders’ views very often mirror my own.

Logo of the United States Federal Communicatio...
Logo of the United States Federal Communications Commission, used on their website and some publications since the early 2000s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The senator’s latest big concern has to do with the mainstream media, and a Federal Communications Commission proposal to allow fewer news media conglomerates to control more television stations, radio stations and newspapers.

This is one area where the Obama administration doesn’t escape the critical eye of Bernie Sanders, which is a good thing.  The chairman of the FCC who is trying to push through this proposal is an Obama appointee.

Sanders outlined his concerns over the ever-tightening stranglehold by a handful of media companies in an interview with Bill Moyers that aired over the weekend, an interview which can be seen below.

The potential results of such heavy-handed control over what the public sees, hears and reads from the mainstream media can be examined by what was seen from the last general election, which coincidentally was addressed in a recent article by Dan Froomkin in The Huffington Post.

Dan Froomkin:  How the Mainstream Press Bungled the Single Biggest Story of the 2012 Campaign

We are supposed to be able to rely on the mainstream media to be the watchdogs in a democratic society, and there was a time when that was true.  But as more and more major media outlets get swallowed up by fewer and fewer media conglomerates, our opportunity to have facts presented to us through a truly unbiased major media becomes less and less.

This is not something to take lightly.  It’s not something to take for granted.

A democracy is too important to take a key player in that form of government lightly.


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