Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I called Mom today and wished her a happy 82nd birthday.  It’s always nice to talk to her, though I wish more than anything I could have been with her in our hometown to wish her a happy birthday in person.

I also wish I could give her a gift, to show her my appreciation for all she’s given me through the years.  Until that day comes, I’ll have to give her something that’s a reflection of just a part of what she gave me for a lot of years — a gift of music, an appreciation for the art.

My tastes in music are diverse.  Mom’s taste in music is pure country.  But if it wasn’t for that musical “kickstart” she gave me all those years ago …

So, here’s a music playlist with a few of the tunes I think Mom would appreciate.  Oh, and I was just informed by her youngest sister that Mom’s developed quite a hankering for Blake Shelton, so I’ve gotta get some of his tuneage in as well.

Happy birthday (again), Mom!


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