Another mass shooting, with 26 people gunned down.


Twenty of those victims were children, ages 5-10.

Can it be possible?  Is it really possible?  Have we as members of the human race become that numb to the senselessness of it all?

Scenes from Connecticut shooting via
Scenes from Connecticut shooting via

Not all of us have.  An old friend of mine called me long distance from California this afternoon, just to talk about it — just to talk to someone, to share his thoughts.  The tragedy hit my friend very hard.  He’s a parent himself.

Twenty children dead.  It doesn’t seem real.

They included children young enough to still walk to school with their parents, before it becomes “not cool” to walk to school with your parents.

Amy and I have been those parents, walking a child a few blocks to their school, holding their hand, dropping them off at the door and leaving them there, believing they’re in a safe place, believing that nothing can harm them there.

We’ve had those children trusting in us to leave them in a safe place.  Trusting in us … to leave them … in a safe place.

We’ve left our children in what we believe is a safe place, believing we’ll see them when their day is done, getting them back with us at home, safe and sound.

One of the last places we ever expect to see 26 people gunned down is at an elementary school.  We never expect 20 of the victims to be children between the ages of 5-10.

We’ve seen it at a high school.  We’ve seen it at a movie theater.  We’ve seen it in shopping malls.  We’ve seen it at a place of worship.

An elementary school?  Really?  Are we as a human race becoming that immune to it all?

Not all of us.  A nation is in mourning.  This one stings badly.

What’s the answer?


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