Lester Chambers and his son Dylan got up in the wee hours of the morning the day after Christmas and went for a limousine ride.

The limo took them to a television studio in the San Francisco area, where they appeared live on the CNN morning show “Starting Point.”

Projecting the CNN interview on a wall.  (Photo courtesy Dylan Chambers)
Projecting the CNN interview on a wall. (Photo courtesy Dylan Chambers)

That’s the kind of Christmas holiday it’s been for Lester and Dylan, over just a three-day span.  It’s turned into a publicity whirlwind, and there’s plenty of mile-wide smiles to go around because of it.

It all started with the launch of the Kickstarter project with Lester and Reddit.com co-founder Alexis Ohanian on December 11.  The project — to record a new album of music with Lester and his band, The Mud Stompers — gained traction quickly, and after reaching the $9,000 mark (toward its minimum goal of $39,000 by January 9), it tripled in less than a day thanks to a shove on Reddit and sharing the video of the interview Ohanian conducted with Lester on YouTube.  That video now has over 514,000 views on YouTube alone.

Dylan and Lester Chambers' story on the front page of CNN.com
Dylan and Lester Chambers’ story on the front page of CNN.com

By that time, the campaign had gained enough momentum and enough attention that CNN came calling to set up an interview with Lester, Dylan, and Alexis.  The interview appeared on the front page of CNN.com in a prime spot, all the way through Christmas Eve as parents were logging into the worldwide web to track Santa’s progress.

CNN.com:  On Web, “Time Has Come” for ’60s singer

That article remained at the top of CNN.com’s tech stories for a while, before dropping down to the third-highest tech-related read on the site.  That article helped push the Kickstarter campaign well over the minimum goal before the sun had even gone down at “Mud Stomper Headquarters” in the Bay Area on Christmas Eve.

Christmas had come early for Lester and everyone associated with him.

And then came the limo ride the morning after Christmas, with Lester and Dylan’s faces beaming via satellite once they were in the studio and the cross-country interview went live.

By the time the day after Christmas was past, that minimum goal of $39,000 had been eclipsed by over $13,000 with 13 days left to go in the fundraising campaign.

It’s going from a Merry Christmas straight into a Happy New Year, with the belief that there are good things yet to come.

It’s all a part of that “old school” with Lester combining with the “new school” from Alexis to prove a few points in the age of the Internet — creativity and artistry is still in demand; people are willing to come together in a worldwide community and show they will reward those who have that gift to entertain us through that creativity and artistry by making a personal investment; they want the rewards to go to those who’ve created that art, not so much to the “middle man”; there’s a lot of caring folks out there, which means there’s hope.

It’s a feeling that goes back to that spirit of “love, peace and happiness.”  And it’s all in the modern day.  “Old school” meets “new school.”

Dig it.


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