I filed one more unemployment claim Sunday.  The question in my mind is whether that will truly be my last claim for an unemployment payment, at least for a while.

Am I being told that December 29 would mark the end of my unemployment benefits because of this “fiscal cliff” nonsense?  Or is it because I’ve exhausted my benefits for good?  I’ve seen and heard some conflicting information.  Either way, it’s not comforting.

2013It makes me wonder what’s ahead for us as we prepare to start a new year.  We can only hope for better days ahead.

Just to clarify things a bit for any of my more regular readers out there, there was a span of a few weeks this fall where I did try my hand at selling cars — went through close to two weeks of paid training, sold a brand new vehicle the first day that I was set loose to start selling — but it quickly became evident that was not the answer, at least not then and there.

I’ve been back to looking for a better job ever since, and while the prospects have been more promising since the car sales shot fizzled — there’s still one good-paying job that I’ve interviewed for where I’m hopefully still in the running — the competition for any job is so fierce and the need for perfection in qualifications is so intense, it can rattle the nerves.

One job that a friend gave me a lead on recently would have been ideal for my skills and my experience, and my thinking was that there wouldn’t be that many people with the same kind of skills and experience vying for the position.

I was wrong.  Over 120 people applied for that job.

Almost two weeks ago, I went to a job fair at a customer service business and ended up with a job offer the same day.  That job doesn’t start for another three weeks, and it doesn’t amount to much better pay-wise than unemployment.  If nothing better comes up before that job starts, we’re still left hoping that we can get by until and once it does start.

So I keep searching, and we keep hoping, and we keep praying.  What’s ahead for us in 2013?  Even if I do end up sticking with the customer service job, will it be enough to keep us in our home?  I know all too well there are more than a few people out there with honest jobs who don’t earn enough to hang on to their homes.

<sarcasm> No pressure. </sarcasm>

What’s ahead for us in 2013?  I wish I knew.  I hope it’s good.  I hope it’s a better year for a lot of people.  We’ll do the best we can here to usher in the new year tonight.  We’re grateful for the good things we’ve seen in the past year.  But still …

We yearn for better days ahead.  Here’s wishing a happy new year, to all of us!


5 thoughts on “What lies ahead in 2013?

  1. Hello John. Peggy from Life Your Way Coaching checking in to say thanks so much for sharing my post regarding Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote on what lies within us. I appreciate it. Also, I want to offer you my encouragement and let you know you’re not alone. Losing a long-term job is a tough pill to swallow, but as the quote says, the most important part to remember is what lies within. I’ve found that if I “go inside” and ask for guidance on what my next step is in any difficult situation, answers always come to me. They may be immediate or they may come in a day or two or a week, but something always comes. It’s a way to get in touch with your higher self that focuses solely on solutions and not on the problem. It doesn’t require any complicated meditation–just some quiet, uninterrupted time where you can ask for guidance. Then just pay attention to the possibility of new ideas and next steps that may come to you. If the “monkey mind” or “mind chatter” starts when you’re trying to relax and go within, just notice it and let it go. It’s common for that to happen for most of us. Going inside at the very least provides us some peace and time for considering new possibilities, but if you give it some time and take a few minutes to make it a regular part of each day, you may find it’s a very creative experience. Here’s to a fulfilling, abundant, and prosperous 2013 for you and your family!

  2. Hope it does get better for you and Amy, John! Not that good of a year for me either having lost 3 really good friends and my best friend, Ernie, the Lab. I just have a good feeling about this year for most of us. We hope my intuition is right. Happy New Year, John and Amy, and may God bless you.


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