Chet Chesterfield generally avoids CNN like the plague.

He looks upon it like Sarah Palin would tell him to — as a part of the “lamestream media” that needs to be tossed in the trash heap.  To him, it’s not a place to get the kind of information he’s after, which can typically be found at places like The Drudge Report or Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism before Breitbart died of a heart attack while looking for another conspiracy, although Chet is among those convinced that Breitbart died as a “true patriot” and was poisoned by the Obama administration because he was getting too close to “the truth” and the coroner who said Breitbart died of a heart attack was in on the scheme.

I wish I weren’t basing some of this satire on real people’s thinking, but I am.

"Chet Chesterfield"
“Chet Chesterfield”

Anyway, somehow Chet just had to tune in to CNN Monday night so he could see its gun control advocate host Piers Morgan face off with conservative radio talk show host Alex Jones, giving Jones a platform to find out why it is that Jones and the likes of him want to see Morgan deported to Great Britain because of his stand on gun control and are willing to put out a White House petition to — in terms Chet would appreciate — “git ‘er done.”

While Morgan attempted to ask Jones questions, Jones — one of the great conspiracy theorists of our time and no fan of government — chose to use government statistics that he cherry-picked from the FBI in the middle of two segments’ worth of shouting like a crazy man.

Oh, and the imitation that Jones did of Morgan’s British accent toward the end of the interview went a long way toward solidifying in people’s minds that Alex Jones is one of the coolest, brightest, most eloquent debaters in our midst today.  Of course, Chet picked up on that too.

But Chet can speak for himself.  Boy, oh boy, can Chet speak for himself.

I can see into Alex Jones’ mind.  I can see why he’s so concerned about guns being taken away, which makes folks like Chet so concerned.  He’s concerned about our future, when the New World Order will send robots and drones to cut down the rebels.

This is Alex Jones’ vision of the future …

Scary indeed.


9 thoughts on ““Chet Chesterfield” <3 Alex Jones

  1. Wow, what a puffed up dullard, I had stop it at 5 mins. because of all the spittle that was getting on the back side of my laptop screen. I’m pretty sure that matching sets of chromosomes hate this guy.

      1. I saw Alex’s dog and pony act of outshouting the talk show host this morning. I was talking about Chet and his support of this kind of one sided “exchange”. Did I miss something here?

        I’m all for the second amendment and the right for Americans to keep and bear arms. But I am not for these babbling mouseketeers becoming the spokespeople for the defense of that amendment.

      2. LOL! Nnnnaaahhhh, I just think it’s cool that I was able to fool even you! “Chet” has appeared here before a number of times, even with his wife and “adopted” daughter. He’s a mixture of people I’ve run into with the same mindset.

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