I want to give our daughter Alicia everything that she desires.  She wants braces to fix her teeth in the worst way, but right now we don’t have the means to give them to her.

Her smile is still beautiful.

Even with me working a full-time job now at a third of what I used to earn, there are many things she wants and needs.  It takes all the strength inside of me to say, “No, we can’t afford that.”

She doesn’t complain … at least, not as much as she probably could or wants to.

Alicia’s celebrating her 14th birthday today.  There is one family tradition we started when our sons were around that age themselves — their mother would take them out for a special time together, and she would give them a symbol as a gift to show that she wanted them to commit their hearts to her until they found the right lady to give their hearts to as men.  Today was the day for me as a father to do the same for my daughter … my “Cinderella.”

Alicia’s brother Grant made a special trip back home from Idaho for the weekend to celebrate her birthday, and after he gave her a much-appreciated gift, I gave Alicia a symbol that we hope she will cherish.  It’s a symbol from her father, to let her know that I want her to commit her heart to me as she enters some very formative years, that she will give her heart to her father alone, until she finds the man who will love her the way her father does and more.

I want her to find someone who will love her for the beautiful young lady that she is becoming, before our very eyes — someone who will love her the way she is, not the person he wants her to be which would force her to change her character in some way; someone who won’t expect her to change to suit his style; someone who will appreciate the person she’s become by the way she was raised.

If that man gives his heart to her with sincerity — the man she gives her heart to beyond her earthly father — the way I have, that man will be very lucky indeed.  He will be getting a very gentle, fun-loving, sensitive, caring girl to share his life with.  He will be getting a beautiful young lady, both inside and out.

He will be a very lucky young man.

That’s what our gift to Alicia means to us, and to her.  I placed that gift on her ring finger tonight.  As her father, I pray that she takes this gift to heart.



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