Today’s been a very eventful day in the United States.

A piece of mail addressed to the President was found to be laced with the poisonous substance ricin, on the heels of a letter containing the same substance being sent to a Republican senator from Mississippi.

Major news media outlets — including the Associated Press — got it very wrong when they reported that an arrest had been made in Monday’s tragic bombing in Boston.

The Senate's side of the Capitol Building in DC.
The Senate’s side of the Capitol Building in DC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, the minority ruled in the Senate when bipartisan legislation pushing expanded background checks on gun purchases was blocked by a 54-46 vote.  That’s 54 votes in favor of expanded background checks, 46 opposed.  But, with those filibuster rules …

It’s a day when it seems like we’re going nowhere very fast.  It was summed up very well by one person in the comments section online in a story about the background check vote.

“They tell us: its not the gun, its the person, but they vote no to background checks.

“They tell us: its not the gun, its mental health, but they don’t support money for increasing mental health care, and they vote no to background checks for mental health.

“They tell us its about freedom, but they are willing to take liberties away from the mentally ill and lock them up more easily INSTEAD of background checks.

“They tell us its about freedom, but innocents have lost their life and liberty.”

Yeah, there are laws against making bombs and setting them off at a major sporting event — resulting in the deaths of three innocent people and the maiming of about 140 others.  But, just because there are laws against it doesn’t stop people from making the effort and actually carrying it out, does it?

There are laws against sending poisoned letters to U.S. presidents and senators, but that doesn’t stop people from making the effort and actually carrying it out, does it?

You get the picture, don’t you?

Ah, hell, why don’t we just stop kidding ourselves about trying to make this world a slightly better place to live?  We’re so gung-ho about protecting freedoms, how about just doing away with all those nasty regulations that drag us down and let everyone live the kind of lives they choose to live, shall we?

If we want to disobey traffic laws, go right ahead.  That kind of freedom is sure to make life more exciting.  If we want to rip someone off in a shady financial deal, proceed.  The ones getting taken are just suckers, right?  We’re all about protecting our liberty to make a buck any way possible.

Do away with it all, I say, in the name of liberty.  Maybe then we could stop hassling each other over rules and regulations, let the strongest survive when they want to do as they wish.  Weakness is for the weak.

Just think, without all those nasty laws and procedures so many people are expected to live by, maybe we’d fight each other a bit less.  After all, those rules and regulations aren’t eliminating all the bad stuff out there now.  That’s the logic that seems to be ruling the day.  Maybe then an 8-year-old boy’s wish could start to come true.

martin richard
Martin Richard, age 8, killed in the bombing at the Boston Marathon April 15. (Photo via Facebook)

Is that how we want it?  After all, it’s a wild world out there.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


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