I never had the chance to meet Ken Walsh in person, although I’d known him for several years via the worldwide web.

Wtc-2004-memorialIt was an online friendship that centered around a mutual appreciation for progressive rock music and/or jazz-fusion at a music discussion website, where opinions are known to stretch beyond the music itself.  Ken and I shared interests and similar thoughts in politics and professional football, and there was a bond that came from the fact that we both loved to write and to read creative, thoughtful expressions that came from somewhere … deep within the soul.

I knew that Ken had witnessed the horror of September 11, 2001, much too closely.  It was an experience that would scar him mentally and physically for the remainder of his life.

He became another victim of that horror on April 8, passing away after fighting lung cancer.

For several years, Ken would share his memories of that tragic day in his own personal blog on the anniversary of 9/11.  He can’t put it out there himself now that we’ve noted the 12th anniversary.  It’s left to family and friends to carry on that tradition.

It’s my turn now, in honor of Ken Walsh and the thousands of others who’ve died or are still suffering from the effects of the madness that was 9/11.

Intersections In Real Time:  Memories Of Two Towers Struck Down, Revisited


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