Did you ever want something that involved your passion in life to start getting some serious attention and just TAKE OFF!!!???  As in getting attention on the Internet, so much attention that it goes viral?

We’re hoping that happens with my lovely wife Amy.

Amy Miller with her friend Cheyenne.
Amy Miller with her friend Cheyenne.

Amy’s written herself here before about the unique horse training she’s done for 2 1/2 years now, teaching her equine friends a variety of tricks and getting them to the point where she can bring them up to a canvas or a flat board and have them paint an “equine masterpiece.”

It’s the kind of thing that could go over well in advertising, TV or film spots, or just doing her own instructional videos on how to train horses to do the same things she’s taught her friends to do.

It’s been a dream of Amy’s for a while now.  On Sunday night, that dream started getting a bit more attention when Amy’s story appeared on a local television news broadcast.  It’s been getting a decent amount of attention on the web as a result, through sites like Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter.

We’d like to see the attention go well beyond “decent.”  We’d like to see it become wildly popular.  And here’s a link to the story that could help start it all.

FOX 13 UTAH NEWS — Uniquely Utah:  The horses who paint

And if anyone wants to know more — including how they can see more about it and get in touch with Amy herself, they can go to her horse training Facebook page here.

Won’t you help in the effort to GO VIRAL!!!???  Help spread the word!!!  Thank you in advance.


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