By Amy Kathleen Miller

It has been awhile since I have written a blog article here.  However, I feel the need to write about a horse that has had a special place in my heart for a while now.

This horse’s name is Legend.  He used to be called Milo with the previous owner.  Legend has been with his new owner, Karen O’Donnell, for over a year now, and ever since she has gotten him he has been very aggressive to anyone who would come around.  However, there have been a few trainers come and start to train him out of this state of distrust.  But no one has really completed the task.  There have been trainers with good intentions, but haven’t followed through to where the horse was workable again.  There was progress when they did work with him.


So here we are now with Legend needing his hooves trimmed for the first time in over a year.  The horse is in a very unhappy state.  He has been fed and is no longer skinny but his hooves need to be tended to along with floating of his teeth.  If this horse is not worked with to the point of trusting again and having some gentling done, I am told by Karen that she would probably have to put him down.  This is not what she wants done with this horse, she loves this guy but can’t stand to see him  suffer and she doesn’t have the means to help him since she was not intending to bring in an aggressive horse.  Here are past blog articles about this horse.  He is not skinny any more as he is in the photo.

AMY’S ANGLE:  Horse rescues and horse tricks

AMY’S ANGLE:  Following up on Milo’s rescue

I have extended pleas for this guy in the past but have gotten no donations for him.  But what is needed are funds to pay for a trainer to help him through rehabilitation enough to be safe with Karen.  He needs to be trained enough to let someone work with his hooves and get his teeth floated.  So if you have any donations, please send them to

Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.


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