It rises 20,237 feet into the sky.  The Koyukon Athabaskan people who live around it have a name for it, which means “high” or “tall.”  When it belonged to Russia, they called it Bolshaya Gora — meaning “big mountain.”

A gold prospector gave it the name it was known as by most people for decades to follow as a show of political support for a presidential candidate who never even set foot in the state where it is found.  The name has raised a political fuss ever since.

The mountain known as Denali.
The mountain known as Denali.

It’s Denali, in the rugged land of Alaska.  The name it was given by the gold prospector was McKinley, after then-presidential candidate later to be elected to the office William McKinley of Ohio, a Republican.

Now that a Democratic president named Barack Obama took a brief bit of time on Sunday to announce that McKinley would once again be known officially as Denali, the expressions of butthurt are renewed.

The issue of what to call a majestic mountain is a molehill.  And, as is par for the course these days, a lot of that has to do with a president named Barack Obama.  So the mountain has been turned into a molehill.

The cries come from conservatives like commentator Andrew Malcolm of Investor’s Business Daily, who showed a particularly sad unwillingness to look into the history of the name and the mountain by tweeting …

Another Obama Exec Order. Erasing Mt. McKinley from all maps (he was a Republican after all) & renaming it after the GMC Truck, Denali.

GMC Denali
GMC Denali

So, there you go.  Denali originated with a vehicle built by General Motors starting in 1999.  Who would’ve guessed?

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman expressed his butthurt in the Twittersphere this way …

I’m disappointed with the Administration’s decision to change the name of Mt. McKinley in Alaska (1/5)

This decision by the Administration is yet another example of the President going around Congress (4/5)

GOP strategist and former George W. Bush brainiac Karl Rove felt it would be a good way to sell an upcoming book of his …

Seems like good time 2 learn more about 25th POTUS. Pre-order “Triumph of William 

Should we mention that Sarah Palin referred to the mountain as Denali in her farewell address as the short-lived governor of Alaska, or that sitting Alaskan GOP lawmakers support the move?  Maybe not, because all that would do is soothe the butthurt on the part of those who have nothing better to do than whine about changing the name of a mountain to what it’s been called for centuries … a wee bit before GMC came along.

The butthurt stretched all the way to Utah, in comments on the Facebook page of a local television station announcing the news Sunday …

All the problems that this country is facing and he (Obama) has time to rename mountains hmmmmmm…

Yeah, taking a few seconds to make an announcement or sign a document about the name of a mountain does get in the way of pressing business.

But don’t worry, folks, the backlash against those getting a hemorrhoid over the renaming has been fast and furious.  I’ve been getting a lot of likes on my own response to that bit of overly conservative concern from the Utah genius.

The first thing I looked for in this story was “do the people there (in Alaska) want it?” Answer: Yes. But nitwits who have nothing better to do than pitch a fit and moan while asking if Obama doesn’t have something better to do … Ridiculous.

Some other response gems mined from the Utah concern raging over the time spent changing a name back to its origins …

It’s done. We’ve spent more time discussing an action that took him 30 seconds to complete. There are certainly more pressing matters, which he spends the remaining 23 hours and 30 seconds of his day on. Actually, maybe he takes a crap, or eats a piece of food at some point during the day. We’ll all live.

I bet he sleeps too…the nerve!

Every time Obama does anything someone makes this SAME comment. Like this is the ONLY thing he is doing! It may be hard for some to understand, but it’s called multitasking. Let me know if you need me to transfer my comment into a drawing…..

Oh man Obama haters heads are exploding. “Do I accept that this is a good thing or hate it just because the title says Obama”…. “Hmm well I guess I’ll agree and then just throw in an Obama insult for good measure”.. Ahh you’ve been brainwashed well grasshopper.

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio
Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio

Portman is hearing it in a big way himself on his tweets …

I’m disappointed that you don’t have anything better to do. What of it?

Bummer that you’re sad, . Imagine how the folks who originally named our tallest mountain felt.

YAY!!! Something new for the GOP to hand-wring over. Next you’ll question PBO’s citizenship and so on.

Why don’t you instead focus on a Jobs Bill that your Party promised 6 yrs ago and haven’t delivered?

Not as disappointed as we are with your intellectual acumen.

The great part is, when it comes to the backlash over the agony expressed by so many people who live outside of Alaska, I could go on and on and on.  Could it be that people are waking up to this kind of silliness?

The butthurt … it stings.


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