I decided to write on Wednesdays like I used to on John’s blog.  I do have my own blog about the horses, but I don’t get to write about everything else on my mind on that blog, so I decided to resurrect my contribution to this blog.

The first thing I want to talk about is something cheerful.  Of course, you know by now what kind of a struggle we are going through and I will add that there is so much stress from going through the kind of financial crisis that we go through.  So I have to find a way to deal with it in a cheaper manner than the horses I am fortunate to have.

Oscar (The Grouch, aka Mustachio, aka Charlie Chaplin) and his older pal Shadow. (Photo by John G. Miller)
Oscar (The Grouch, aka Mustachio, aka Charlie Chaplin) and his older pal Shadow. (Photo by John G. Miller)

A fun thing we do as a family is fostering kittens for a rescue organization, Friends of Animals Utah, also known as Nuzzles & Co.  They get a certain number of foster homes and with that comes the opportunity to save more kittens.  My job, or my family’s job is to help these kittens get the best of health, because kittens who come out of shelters usually get sick or have infections coming out of those situations.  We help them get the best of care.  We also socialize the kittens who are very skittish and frightened of humans.

With this job of socializing comes a lot of petting, loving, kissing kittens, and naming them.  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.  The hardest part is when they are sick, we get a lot of those.  We have to be able to see the telltale signs of illness.  It is more likely guesses that they are sick before the illness really kicks in, because kittens really go downhill fast.  So I end up giving a lot of antibiotics and eye medications to kittens.

There are different ages of kittens that we choose to take care of.  There are the bottle-fed babies, but it takes a lot of work and time to help these babies.  They need to be fed about every two hours, there’s a higher death rate because they are so young and vulnerable.  So I chose not to care for this young age since I do work outside the home quite a bit.  The age I chose was the kittens from 4 weeks old and up.  These kittens usually can eat kitten food and drink on their own.  There is the choice of having kittens with their mothers or without.  I have had kittens with their mothers and the mother causes a lot of headaches with my other pets.  So, unfortunately, I cannot take the mother cat with them.  But I only take kittens who are orphaned, I do not not take them away from their mother.

We’ve just fostered two kittens and they are so adorable, Alicia gave them very cute names.  A little male orange and white kitten was named Kyle Korver after the professional basketball player, and his sister’s name is Hayley Williams after the singer-songwriter.   We had the kittens for about three months and everything was going great until our sweet little Hayley got sick.  Part of being a foster parent is taking the kittens into the rescue if they are really sick and need more help than antibiotics.  That is where we are today with Hayley.

The best part about fostering is the rescue pays for the vet fees and kitty food, so it is really nice that way to think that you are saving lives every time new kittens get out into their new forever homes.  What a good feeling.

More kitties could be saved with more new foster homes helping new kittens get exposed to love and families.

— Amy K. Miller


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