There’s one of many friends of mine I’ve never met in person but we’ve come to know each other through online exchanges for a number of years, he follows this blog, and he’s been prompted to help my family a bit with our financial struggles in recent days because of me sharing our experiences here.

We’ve exchanged a few emails since he first extended the offer.  When he told me what he had on his mind, my response included the following:

“I’m really not putting this stuff out there for people to feel sorry for us. It’s not like I’m looking for charity.  The main reason I’m putting this stuff out there is just to let people who may not otherwise know what it’s like to know what it’s like, mentally walk a mile in someone’s shoes, and maybe stand up and say some things need to change.”

His last message to me gave me a nice lift.

Amy and me.
Amy and me.

“The loyalty that you & Amy have for each other is like a flashing neon sign in your writing. Finances may suck, but what a blessing that is,” he said.

Amy and I and our entire family have been dealing with some tough breaks going on the better part of four years now.  When I sat down with my family nearly four years ago and told them about the first tough break, I told them that we needed to stick together and be strong for each other if we were going to make it through.

Nothing’s changed where that’s concerned.

I see other friends out there going through their own hard times, stressing over things like electricity about to be cut off because the bill hasn’t been paid with a cost of $500 just to reconnect it.  Not all of them have a partner to share in the experience, to lean on for love, comfort, strength, reassurance.  I count my blessings in that way.

The experiences we’re seeing would be enough to make a lot of couples argue to the point of breaking up.  My lovely wife Amy and I don’t do that, and for that I feel proud and blessed.  We want to be partners in every sense of the word.  We take those words “for richer, for poorer” to heart.

We have our individual down times, and there are times when that feeling is shared.  But we fight through, hold on to each other, share the strength we have inside, seek out more strength, and keep up the fight we’re in together.

It’s the only way to make it through times like these.

In the end, we just keep counting on a miracle.


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