Over the Labor Day weekend, I was fortunate enough to go to Salmon, Idaho, with John and family to see his mom and sister.  It was a nice trip there, finally, after five years for Grant, Alicia, and me to see his mother Betty again.  For Curtis, it was much longer than that between visits with his grandmother.

The time between visits has mostly been because of financial worries in this family since John is paid below an adequate living wage, even though he works hard at a full-time job.  I am working myself and building up a business too, which becomes more challenging.  My business is unique and would be a great income but it is hard to build it up from nothing without money.

Barb and Doug Wareing (Photo by John G. Miller)
Barb and Doug Wareing (Photo by John G. Miller)

I happen to be lucky in the fact that my side of the family — most notably my parents, Doug and Barb Wareing — live right in the middle of the drive to Salmon, since my parents live three hours away and John’s mom lives six hours away.  So we can make a quick detour off the highway to grab something to eat as well as a nice, short visit with my parents on the way.

Since my parents are closer to us, we get to see them more often than Betty.  But even lately we haven’t made any trips there because of the cost of gas.  So last weekend’s trip was a nice one that was a great getaway from the stresses and worries of what we are going to do when we lose our home and keep the family, including the furry kids, together in a new home.  That is where we look to friends and family keeping that door upwards to heaven open for communication with God on our behalf.

Watching John’s mom with her mind going in and out as far as remembering who we are was hard to see.  Oh, how I wished we had been able to go sooner to keep those close ties even closer simply by visiting more.  It is no one’s fault, just this economy is a real problem for a lot of people and I guess we are one of those examples.

I am so glad that John was able to make that trip along with all our children and their friend as well as our son’s fiancee, who thoroughly enjoyed the trip herself.  To see John happy to be with his mom and his sister was a joy to see.  We did stay up late trying to catch up with Lynda and Lyle, John’s sister and her husband, on the latest in their lives and plans for the future.

After that, we were able to visit with my parents and sister during an afternoon on the way back home.  I loved it and I hope for more.  It is really hard, though, to see my parents as well as John’s mom getting older and slowing down because of their age.  I don’t enjoy seeing that and imagining life when they are gone.  I want to enjoy these people as long as I can.  I don’t want to take it for granted.

Hopefully, John or even I can find a way to make a better living so that we can enjoy life a little easier.  We don’t ask for much from society but a living to meet our needs.  I don’t want to be rich but live easier from where we are.  I also wish that for others struggling just like us.

John and I have already made a pact that if we were to get more money than we needed that we would be more helpful to those who really needed it.  Of course, we have to be careful saying that because people can try to take advantage, so we would have to be wise about it.  But this has always been our dream — live on a horse farm (gotta have the horses), not too large of fancy, drive average vehicles and help others with the money that is left, spread the word that there is a God who cares for us through even the bad times.

We hope there will be a time we can go back to Salmon.  John does have days off on days that are not together, such as a weekend, so it makes it even more difficult to find time to do things as a family.  Hopefully something better will come along where he can have the weekend with his family to allow us to go and do more fun things together.  We can only pray that happens.


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